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Navigating Federal Long Term Care Nursing Home Regulations has never been so easy RegPro LTC SOM Regs takes the confusion and frustration out of the Long Term Care State Operations Manual (SOM) by allowing you to access the tag you want to see, when you want to see it with a simple touch This is the current draft version just published by CMS with all of the newly revised regulations and interpretive guidelines. Changes will be made as the final document is released. Features • It is updated with new regulation updates as they are published by CMS and reorganized per CMS specifications as needed • Large FTags such as F323, F329 and F441 are organized by topic so that you can easily get to the part of the tag you want to see. • Easy to use search function • Works in airplane mode • Powerful tool for all nursing home staff, including Administrators, Nursing Directors, Medical providers, Medical Directors, Regional and Corporate Support Staff, and anyone else who needs to know and understand the Federal Nursing Home Regulations. • Great for all State and Federal surveyors too • You no longer have to scroll through a 800+ page PDF Contact Information Developer name: Markail & Associates, LTD Email: markail.associates@gmail.com

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