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Clash of Dragon: Pocket Battle

According to traditional Chinese myth, in the center of universe there is a place called “Heaven”. Led by the Divine Dragon “Totem”, all kinds of mythical creatures live there. However, one day, “Totem”suddenly disappeared, Heave had no leader and all were in a mess... Since it had no designated successor, and a group should have a leader. To maintain peace and happiness of this land, all Gods were instructed by the ancient stone tablet, they let nine sons of Divine Dragon lead their descendants, all together 99 mythical creatures descended to human world to improve themselves. In the end, the winner among nine dragon sons could replace it and becomes the next “Totem”. Keep company with mythical creatures of different origins, characteristics and faiths, collect holy relics scattered around the world and set foot on the path of becoming the Divine Dragon “Totem”. 【Features】 🏰Build your own kingdom ■ Build homeland for your partners, provide a sanctuary for you and your allies ■ Build various of defensive constructions, protect yourself from others attack 🌋Online multiple-players strategy battle ■ Battle with thousands of global players, raid enemies and collect spoils ■ Stunning 3D graphics, experience the most authentic and exciting Chinese ancient mythical strategy game ■ Form your own army, use your strategy, lead mythical creatures to crush enemies 🏆Epic ancient battlefield, legendary battles, league campaign ■ Have fierce battles with the strongest lords of other servers, win your own glory in the epic clashes ■ With the assistance of reliable alliance, you will be both unbreakable in defense and unstoppable in attack ■ Explore giant mysterious areas, stop clashes around the mythical world. Win abundance battle rewards in game 【Contact Us】 Official Animation: http://v.qq.com/detail/t/t94l9x9dsydis70.html Official QQ Group: 641457292 Support Email: dragmon@moyuplay.com Official Weibo: https://weibo.com/6169116267/ Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clash-of-Dragmon-250636808777731/ Notice, although Clash of Dragon is a free game, you can still buy some items in game with real money. If you dont want such option, you can prohibit in-app purchase on your phone.

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